A.V. Equipment

  Case of Easel Pads  
  Easel Post it Pad and Markers  
  Easel/Pad & Markers  
  Pipe & Drape  
  Poly Comm. Conference Phone  
  Speaker Phone  
  Standing Podium  
  Tabletop Podium  
  Whiteboard & Markers  

Computer Equipment

  Computer Projector  
  Laptop PC (with PowerPoint)  
  Screen - 10 ft.  
  Screen - 6 ft.  
  Screen - 6 X 9 Fast Fold w/ Draping  
  Screen - 7.5 X 10 Fast Fold w/ Draping  
  Screen - 8 ft.  

Sound Equipment

  D.J. Equipment  
  Be your own D.J. Call for Details  
  Digital Cassette Recorder  
  Mic - Wired Handheld  
  Mic - Wireless Handheld  
  Mic - Wireless Lavaliere  
  Mixer - 4 Channel  
  Mixer - 8 Channel  
  Mixer for Computer Sound  
  Podium w/ Sound - Standing  
  Podium w/ Sound - Tabletop  
  Sound System, Amplifier, 2 Speakers  
  Sound System, Amplifier, 4 Speakers  

Video Equipment

  3 Shelf A.V. Cart  
  Digital Camcorder w/Tripod  
  DVD Player  
  Monitor - 50' with Skrited Cart  
  Monitor-32' & Skirted Cart  
  Video Projector Package  
  Video Projector, VHS VCR, Screen, and Audio Mixer